by Wolfram

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The first EP of the acid metal band Wolfram.


released April 25, 2013



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Wolfram Novi Sad, Serbia

Wolfram is a band from Novi Sad, Serbia, characterized as being hell-bent on blending electronic, alternative and experimental music with the "hard riff" guitar basis, thus independently forging a specific genre name to sum up their musical style - acid metal. ... more

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Track Name: Babel
People always hear, what they want to hear,
It's like a lightning rod, come to me, attractingly.
Put some more words in my mouth, weave the fire
Hold the teeth and adjust fittingly.

Say as you see fit,
Brick by brick the tower rises.
Say as gods we reached,
Till the heights become our vices.

Say as you see fit,
Brick by brick the tower crumbles.
Clash of laws divided, gods reminded,
Confined we abide in fragility.

People rub a wound against a wound
Pass the burn to another, emphasizer,
Revolving around pain thresholds
We can take and beyond that
Look at me.

Fall, topple,
Fall, crumble,
Fall, topple, crumble,
Fall, topple, crumble,

People always hear, what they want to hear,
People always hear, what they want to hear,
People always hear, what they want to hear,
People always hear, what they want to hear.
Track Name: Monarch
I am the natural, black, red, ivory,
Tar and blood, and irony. Run!
I am susceptible, come at me,
A dose of courage, a hint of hunger.
Crownless hungry hounds,
Among the pigs calling revolution a grunt.
Run to the deep, run to the deep, run!
And all the pigs grunt!

If you're heaven made than our heaven is low.
We are all sovereign, we are the sky.

Flesh, meat, a volatile empire,
Nothing short of stellar, Nothing left the under.
Flesh and meat, ember and pyre.
Of kingly cast, made of clay, flame and desire.
Let the poet Virgil take the reins,
Let him ride, let him ride, let him ride.
Clench the fist, send it upward,
And exempt no man from madness.

If you're heaven made than our heaven is low.

It's a mans mans world.
I'll display you my power, unusual extremes, 'till the end, divine.
Present at this level of evolution.
I am the supreme ruler, my bones, my kingdom.
I fit the puzzles the way I want.
And you can't defy me, you can't defy me,
You can't defy me, my son.
You can't defy me...

We are the sovereign, we are the sky.
We are the sovereign, we are the sky.
We are the sovereign, we are the sky.
We are the sovereign, we are the sovereign...
We are the sovereign, we are the sky.
Track Name: On The Other Side Of The Line
I remember, as if through a haze, the last summer before I die. It was somehow unusual, blurry, like my life those days. And not just mine...
I was very ill back then, so to me, I guess, it seemed that the whole lead celestial vault lay on my chest and didn’t let me breathe. The rain, that fell almost every day, was bluntly drumming on the metal window sill, like those hollow snare drums before the execution, writing out some strange arabesques on the misty panes, - messages from that world, understandable only to me. I knew that the end was nigh. And amazingly, I wasn’t sad about leaving, although I loved life above all. The beautiful one, joyful and careless, my children, friends. And you, of course, who, even for yourself didn’t know why, inertly came and sat by my grave for a while, told me the tidings, or just remained in wistful silence, made a sigh and left... What else?
You, certainly, don’t know anything about death. I didn’t know either, until I came here. Now I know what I – with a certain remorse – only guessed: that living is insolence. Prodigal, gratuitous conceit. Temptation, which is hard to resist. And the All-maker himself wanted it thus, implanting to every living being a desperate resistance towards death, although he knew it was inevitable.

I’m lying here, in the rake of dark, and I still don’t understand why did he give the joy and the torture of living, when he exactly determined the end to us all...? And when and what it will be like.
And now... now it’s like I’ve never been ill at all. Admittedly, it’s a bit dull, but I’ll get used to it. I’ve met some neighbours, they explained it to me, - it needs a certain amount of time to pass until the soul abandons the body and leaves... there, upstairs. They’re all, together with me, on that trial internship. Waiting. Only later does the decay begin. Then we won’t be able to converse. Bones don’t speak.

You asked me once, - when we theoretically, dare I say, philosophically, talked about death, like something abstract and very distant from us, - do I believe in afterlife? It was a notional mistake: Life exists only on the other side of the line; over here is resting, stout and unshadowed silence, in which we wait to become what we were meant to be: dust in cosmic infinity.

Do you remember that grey dove that persistently came to our window and patiently waited with its dark little eyes, like the head of a thumbtack? Half-jokingly we were saying that she, maybe, was my mother, killed during the war... and, really, it seemed, while she twirled her head, that she was asking me “how are you, child? Are you well?” And she never receded from the window sill, like a watch-guard, as if she was taking care of me. Afterwards, she unexpectedly disappeared. You’ll laugh, but I, deep inside, started to believe that it was Her and I was saddened that she was gone. She came back a year later, when I've gotten ill. She didn’t move away from the window since. Up until I died.

She no longer comes, you say? ... I don’t know, it’s kind of confusing... Maybe those stories aren't just morbid nonsense. Maybe I’ll, someday, become, let’s say, some puppy that you’ll take for yourself in your isolation, that you’ll coddle and feed, and it will love you the way I loved you. Silently and devotedly. Like “an intern” that doesn’t know where his soul will be. I’m waiting for a schedule. After that, you won’t have to come anymore; we might meet somewhere else. If that doesn’t happen, it doesn’t matter. A man is definitely dead when he’s forgotten...